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$ 150.00

This exquisite labradorite gemstone with natural rainbow blue hues and rich, dark grey/green tones display a natural inner GLOW with ethereal aesthetic qualities.  Labradorite is also known for offering positive healing properties. 
  • Geologists call this inner GLOW quality "The Schiller Effect!"  
  • Labradorite is also associated with Shamanism, the ancient form of spirituality.  It represents a world where your creativity has infinite possibilities and offers grounding qualities.  
  • Labradorite reminds me of the effervescent coral reefs of earths deep undersea world. The overall feeling of this piece is ethereal.  
Whatever draws you to this necklace, it is right and unique as you are!
Product specifications:
  • Oval labradorite Cabochon - L: 36.5 mm x  W: 27mm
  • Overall Length of Pendant with embellishment - L: 64.5 mm
  • Weight - 1.2 grams
  • Chain length - 18"

Jewelry information:

  • Gemstone - Polished labradorite cabochon
  • Chain - Pure copper
  • Lobster clasp - 18.65mm x 9.77mm 
  • Pendant metal alloys -  Pure copper, solder, 14 karat gold plate, tarnish free

Jewelry method:
  • Bezel - Burnished copper foil, lead free solder
  • Signature diamond and hammered textures
  • Chain - Original and made to lengthen and shorten easily.  Hand coiled, hand cut and flattened thru rolling press. Segments cut into 3/4" segments and linked with 4mm jump rings  

Member of The Lagoon Keepers and supporter of wildlife preservation and keeping the waters clean. 

Coral reef photo credit: