Harnessing her roots as a native New Englander, Lianna meticulously handcrafts each original sculptural piece. inspired by themes that represent her greatest joys in life… nature, dance, art, fashion and spirituality.
Each piece she creates is influenced by modern/vintage design and fashion, interwoven with basic elements that she observes from expressive dancing and elements found in nature.   

Lianna is most at home in her studio, where she sculpts intricate textures, shapes, and organic lines into one-of-kind pieces of wearable fine art. Pieces are cast into various precious metals using a lost-wax /casting technique.  Gemstones are then strategically set into a design and finished with a satin finish or high polish luster.  

As a consummate believer in authentic individuality, Lianna is driven by her philosophy that jewelry should never be an overstatement but rather an exquisite expression that radiates the unique light that shines from within each and every one of us.