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Do you seek a place to totally unplug?  

A place that gives you a feeling of safe refuge?

A comfortable space to surrender your emotions, find inner-peace, reassurance, self love, and tremendous joy?

Visualize rustic foliage and fauna.  Brilliant colors that seep across an old stonewall's surface and four colorful seasons per calendar year.  Imagine exploring native woodlands, sitting under a tree and sketching the branches and textures of century old trees.  

Picture spending hours at a New England shoreline, sifting through tumbled rocks and combing beaches for seashells and discarded treasures that traveled across the oceans floor before it found its way upon sand and then into your hands.

My designs are inspired by two concepts. Observations of nature and my imagination.  I merge both ideas together into a fine artful expression,  organic in design and can be referred to as wearable art jewelry.  Within my designs, you'll notice unexpected ocean scapes or a thoughtful hand fabricated pattern and shape.  I utilize multiple color palettes,  bold textures and delicate lines to evoke drama within each one of my pieces.  My materials are ethically sourced and high quality gemstones.   My original chain designs are adjustable and have extensions to alternate length.  I utilize the highest quality sterling silver or 14k gold.  You're earrings will rest comfortably and secure upon your earlobes especially with my tailored ear backings that are ergonomically made to support all shapes and sizes of ears and to offer extra support.  Created with a feminine leaf motif. 

My designs evoke antiquity, elegance, and the ethereal. Each original statement piece is unique and sure to start a conversation! 

My fascination for jewelry began at an early age as I spent my childhood discovering and eventually working in the historic and beautiful area of Providence, RI.....otherwise known as
"The Costume Jewelry Capital of the World".  

I hope you enjoy wearing my designs. If you have any questions at all please email me.
   I'd be delighted to hear from you!

~ Lianna Michelle

Phone: 305-912-2583
P.O.Box Delray Beach, FL 33435

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