I am a jewelry artist, humanitarian, philosopher, daughter, sibling, niece and aunt.  I come from a passionate and creative family. 

I have worked actively in the jewelry field for over 20 years in arts education, arts administration and a business owner.

My enthusiasm for jewelry began in the 1980’s. Growing up in the suburbs conveniently neighboring the city of Providence, RI was a fantastic playground and exposed me to the world of jewelry!  I studied drawing and design at the Rhode Island School of Design and after class explored Providence’s historic old mills, crystal factories and design warehouses. It was an exciting time. These years left an indelible impression!

I received my BFA with concentration in painting and spent a semester in Florence, Italy.  After college, I sold at craft and fine art events and fairs.  Prioritizing my art is part of who I am.  My fine arts background paved a path and I worked in the jewelry manufacturer industry.  My position as jewelry design assistant position created opportunities to create prototypes and instruct a duplication team to fabricate my jewelry designs.  Working alongside model makers and tradesmen who could transform my drawings into metal objects was a defining moment.   My designs sold to commercial retail outlets for mass market brands such as; Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal and Target. 

I left the manufacturing industry to learn more about metal-smithing, gemstones and casting my own designs.

I pursued my career in metal-smithing and taught myself to solder and how to electroplate.

Throughout this personal business endeavor I worked full time.  I taught jewelry to children and adults and managed a jewelry studio at an art school.

What matters most to me today is respecting our planet, resourcing the materials I utilize ethically and responsibly. 

I recognize the value of making choices that won’t negatively impact a quality of life for animals, places or people.

I create my business based on principles of integrity and transparency, love and light.

I opt for peace over violence and harmony over greed.  It’s not a competition and I’m eternally grateful for our ancestors and master- goldsmiths who have paved the way for me.