The Pendulum

Creativity comes alive at East Greenwich Art Festival

August 28, 2014


EAST GREENWICH – Art in a box took on a whole new meaning at the East Greenwich Art Festival this past weekend. That theme – which has marked the three previous Festival Fete events on the campus of New England Tech each August – was brought to life in the form of jewelry-maker Lianna Michelle’s tools.
Each female ear, neck and wrist is unique, so, as any of 2,000 guests strolled by her tent, Lianna Michelle opened her tool box, pulled out her needle nose pliers, her round nose pliers, crimps, findings, and customized her original jewelry to the wearer’s demands.
“Each woman is different. Some are short, some are tall, each an individual, so, as an added service, I’ve added extensions and customized things for people. I collaborated with them on the spot, giving them what they wanted,” said Michelle, who grew up on the Warwick/East Greenwich line. She lengthened her pieces, shortened them, circled them, or attached them higher, depending on the request. “It really worked well for me today. I sold a lot of my work.”

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