Gift Certificate

  • $ 50.00

Our gift card option takes the guessing of what she'd like out of the equation! 

We understand how hard and frustrating it can be to choose a design for someone and especially when she has her own unique style and taste! 

Make it simple!  Let her choose for herself and she'll thank you for making it super easy to choose something that resonates with her and that she'll cherish forever!  

Basically add any amount to your shopping cart, complete purchase and once we receive, she is entitled to redeem her gift card for a full year from date of your purchase.  Gift card can be utilized towards any item on our website.  

When she's ready,  give us a call at 1-305-699-2940 and we will fulfill your order and ship within 3-7 business days. 

Jewelry will be gift wrapped as it is A GIFT! 

For any questions please email: or call 1-305-699-2940.